Saskatchewan Dairy For Sale

Super opportunity to purchase a dairy with future expansion capabilities. Dairy farm is located on very productive land near the town of Laird, SK. Well designed straw pack barn with excellent double 8 parlour, new manure storage and commodities shed. Recent addition and upgrade to house in last few years making for a modern, comfortable living area. More land available nearby for expansion possibilities. Contact listing agent Sheldon Froese at 204.371.5131 for more information.

MB Harvest Progress Continues

Harvest Progress Surpasses 90 Per Cent In Manitoba

Relatively dry and sunny weather has helped harvest progress throughout Manitoba over the past week. Grain corn, sunflowers and other crops are still coming off with higher moisture and need drying. Fall field work continues with soil sampling, tillage and fertilizer applications. Feed supplies are still being assessed for livestock and producers are looking for alternative feed sources.


harvest progress oct22 2018Courtesy Manitoba Agriculture

precip oct22 2018

New Program For Young Chicken Farmers

 Written by Jessica Giles

The chicken industry is giving their young farmers a leg up. Chicken Farmers of Canada is launching their Young Farmers Program where they’ll teach the next generation about the industry over an 18 month period. Communications Manager Lisa Bishop-Spencer says program participants will grow their knowledge of issues beyond the farm gate.

“Issues in terms of the protection and promotion of supply management that’s probably topical right now…We have consumer relations, and we have a new brand, our Raised By a Canadian Farmer brand. These folks can be really effective ambassadors for that.”

She says the program will bring together young people from across the country.

“They will attend meetings, as well as the Canadian Young Farmers Forum, and they will come to our lobby day for instance and help in that lobbying effort, they’ll be media trained, they’ll be communications trained as well…Then we’ll kind of wrap it up in the fall and they’ll come to our annual meeting and present to our board of directors.”

By the time the selected program participants complete 12 months of the program, they will bring in the next group of selected representatives for the last six months of the program to ensure there is always carry over and knowledge transfer. Bishop-Spencer adds supporting young farmers plays a key role in their commitment to sustainability through the Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand.

The deadline to submit applications is Friday, October 26.

Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart under new Ownership

Written by Cory Knutt

Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart, which was built in the early 1970’s, is under new ownership. Manager Harold Unrau is part of the new ownership group and explained some of recent changes that have taken place.

“We’ve totally gutted the whole ring area and we’ve put a scale in the ring and changed our stands and we’ve changed our sorting area to make it a lot more stress-free environment for the cattle. Easier sorting, easier selling, and the cattle want to go where we want them to go now just by the renovations we’ve made.” Unrau says they’ve also improved how they do business.

“We have the option of pre-sorting and pre-weighing your cattle now, so if you don’t want to risk having a lot of shrink you can bring them in, we’ll sort them…we’ll weigh them with a percentage of shrink…and we’ll put them back on feed so the cattle are on feed all time and it’s a lot less stress on the animal.”

Unrau notes the fall run started about a month earlier than normal this year, which has resulted in lighter weights overall. Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart serves roughly 75 per cent of southern Manitoba and handles about 25,000 animals per year.

655 acre dairy farm for sale

Canadian Farm Realty has just listed this extremely well managed, family dairy in southeast Manitoba. It’s located near the ag community of Grunthal and consists of 262 kgs of quota and excellent herd of cattle with full line of machinery. Approximately 655 acres of workable land located nearby, 2 residences, excellent dry cow and young stock facilities. This farm truly has it all with its large land base located in a prominant dairy area and several newer cattle housing facilites. Contact listing agent Sheldon Froese at 204.371.5131 for more information or viewing options for this rare dairy opportunity.


Saskatchewan shutting down livestock loan guarantee program

The Saskatchewan government has confirmed it will be shutting down its Livestock Loan Guarantee (LLG) program.

The province cites a continued decline in participation as the reason why they made the decision.

The program started back in 1984. As there’s more access to lending options these days, producers expressed confidence to the government that the need of the LLG was not there.

For all producers that have loans within the program, they are expected to be paid down over the next five years. LLG will also guarantee livestock loans until December 31, 2018.


Reaction to follow.

4067 grain acres SOLD near Portage la Prairie & Elie

Canadian Farm Realty sold 4,097 acres of grain land in the RM of Portage la Prairie. 2,169 acres are still available near Oakville. This pristine ag land is available as a complete block or individual parcels. For a listing information package detailing all the land included, please contact listing agents Stacey Hiebert at 1-204-371-5930 or Dolf Feddes at 1-204-745-0451.

Technology Helps Landmark Farmer Grow Crops All Year

Inside Neva Hydroponic Farms

A Landmark-based organization, Neva Farms, has found a way to harness hydroponic technology to grow environmentally friendly crops all year round.

Neva Farms Owner Denny Black notes the word hydroponics literally means “water-working”. He says this technology has massive implications for his produce.

“It allows us the ability to control the environment and grow plants without the use of pesticides and herbicides inside a greenhouse. It also allows us to grow year-round, so Manitobans have fresh local produce available to them when outdoor agriculture isn’t necessarily producing crops.”

Black explains the deep water culture system his farm uses facilitates the production of leafy greens like arugula, kale, basil, and butter-lettuce, although, he mentions hydroponics can be used to grow a wide variety of plants. “There are other hydroponic farms in the province” Black mentions, “but they don’t grow the same produce as us. I see them as a complementary partnership, rather than competition.”

Neva Farms is undergoing some small renovations to make itself available for tours come fall, indicates Black, so anyone who wants can come learn about hydroponic technology. “As we move forward in the 21st-century people understand less and less when their food comes from.” He suggests it is important to him that people of Southeastern Manitoba know where some of their produce comes from and can access local goods throughout the entire year.

Black looks forward to continuing his ownership of Neva Farms and wants to spread the knowledge of hydroponics to any who want to learn.

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