As we are coming to the end of March it looks like spring is still far away. The second major snow storm in 2 weeks is going through Saskatchewan and Manitoba right now, bringing more moisture but also, quite possibly, further delaying spring activities. Hopefully winter will be gone in the next few weeks leaving moist fields ready for spring planting. Livestock producers are also looking forward to warmer weather as feed inventories are quite low and calving in the snowy and cold weather has its own challenges.

The prospects for our industry however are still very optimistic. Grain prices are still very good with some good opportunities to lock in decent prices for the 2013 crop year. With the available moisture there should be ample opportunity to get a good forage crop bringing relief to the cattle industry.

For us at CanadianFarmRealty.com we are working towards the end of ‘trade-show’ season. Our team has visited a large number of shows to promote listed farms in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. So far we have received good response from buyers from different areas. Although the European interest is not as large as a few years ago, we already have some families confirmed to come over this summer. It looks like there is still enthusiasm and eagerness to buy a farm on the Canadian Prairies.

We are also happy to announce the newest member of our team, Henry Carels of Brandon, MB. Henry has finished his licensing course and will be working from out of his home office. Henry comes originally from the Bruxelles area and has been involved in many business ventures, most recently as owner of Enns Brothers, John Deere dealership in Brandon and Neepawa. We are very happy to have Henry in our team as this will help us better to service our clients in Western Manitoba.

On behalf of the CFR farm team I wish you a good spring and as always you can contact any members of our team to get a market update or an opinion of value on your property.

Dolf Feddes

First Cut

As dated in the last blog comments, spring seeding went extremely well this year and it’s looking like in most areas of the Canadian Prairies farmers are getting timely rains. It could be a great year for crops if the favourable conditions continue. In South East Manitoba, most livestock farmers are busy harvesting the first cut of forage crops. Early reports are that crop quality is extremely good and quantity is average to above average.  As we are looking at a fairly early first cut, it appears there should be no difficulties getting three healthy cuts in this year.

In the farm sales side, we are experiencing a high number of sales and not very many new listings coming on the market. Especially grain farms and smaller dairies both in Manitoba and Saskatchewan are in short supply with a large number of qualified buyers in the market right now. Keep in mind that this is one of the best times to consider selling your farm as we’re looking at most sectors in the farming industry to be doing fairly well and people are willing to pay that little bit extra to expand their acres. After being in the farm sales business for almost 15 years, I can tell you that the old saying that it is good to sell when things are going well is still very true. So if you have contemplated selling in the last few years, now would be an opportune time to try to maximize the most dollars for your operation. There’s a large number of farmers with the ability to expand their operations. Feel free to give one of our team members a call to explore your options.

Livestock and beef farming seems to be doing well with more farms selling in the last 3-4 months than we’ve had in the last 7-8 years. The beef industry seems to have turned around after a long stretch of difficult years and there is a greater demand for those types of farms as well.

As mentioned earlier, we are in the process of updating our videos for the spring. Feel free to check them out on this website in the right bottom corner of this opening screen or order a DVD through our office manager Shiela if you’re interested in seeing the new farms we have to offer.


Ready for Summer?

Spring seeding in most of Manitoba is going at a very fast pace. Although not record early, it is certainly a relief after last year’s difficulties. Most of the cereals are seeded at the time of writing and in central Manitoba, producers are busy with beans, corn and other later seeded crops. Hopefully, we will not be hit by a late spring frost and we may be set up for an early harvest. Some pockets of Saskatchewan report problems with too much moisture with heavy rains and a high water table due to the excess moisture of 2011. Most of the rains in Manitoba have been near perfect and earlier drought concerns are gone for now. With the current high crop prices there is a lot at stake for producers as a good crop will almost certainly mean that there will be a profit to be made for most crops.

Livestock producers are indicating very good growth of their forage crops and most yards are easily accessible. What a difference a year makes! Let’s all hope that the favourable weather continues and enjoy the good conditions that have come our way.

This past winter has been a very busy one for our company. Due to the optimism in most farming sectors and the strong economy in Western Canada we had one of the busiest sales seasons in recent memory. The result of this is that we are a little short on listings. Should you consider selling your farm property this may be a good time to talk to one of us, we can probably find you a buyer at a very competitive price.

On our website, you will find from now on videos of all our listings. We plan to update this regularly and put new listings on as soon as we can get our camera man out to the farms. Especially for international clients, this will be a great improvement over the DVDs that you might have received in the last few years. Should you still be interested in a DVD, please let Shiela know and she will be happy to send you one. We always look forward to hearing from you either with comments on our website or any other issue that you want to pass on to us. We do try to keep our site updated and interesting with regular new content, so should you have some ideas for us, please let us know.

On behalf of Sheldon, Stacey, Junior and Shiela I wish you a good spring and all the best in your farming activities.


Dolf Feddes

Farms For Sale

The CFR team is concentrating a lot of their efforts on trying to find suitable farms for sale. We have numerous amounts of people looking for land and livestock farms alike. If anyone out there hears about someone wanting to sell their farm, don’t be afraid to let us know and we can help them out.


It looks like we’re going to have a record early seeding year. It’ll be really interesting to see how the early spring affects our summer.  Hope we’ll have a long growing season with enough moisture levels. Hopefully this is to compensate us for all those years of extreme moisture.

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