Is there a difference between real estate companies and if so what is the advantage of me as a customer to deal with the farm team of Royal LePage Riverbend Realty?

This is a question many of our customers ask us whether they are thinking of selling their farm or purchasing a farm property. To give you a short answer: YES, absolutely, there is a big difference between realtors and how they can help you obtaining your goals. In today’s fast changing market place it is important for you as customer to know that you are dealing with the right people. As a team of Realtors we distinguish ourselves in the following key areas:

  • Team approach. Royal LePage Riverbend Realty is the only large real estate firm that has its members truly working as a team. Whereas in most companies it is individual realtors working under the same company umbrella we take a completely different approach. When you deal with one of the team members, you are dealing with all of them. We exchange information on all aspects of our profession on a daily basis, making all of us fully informed to the benefit of our customers. When more Realtors are looking to help you find the perfect farm or selling your property the better it is for you.
  • Farm specialists. Most realtors claiming to be farm specialists are unfortunately not really specializing in this market segment. Quite often they claim to be specialists in the residential and commercial markets as well. We feel that in the fast changing agricultural industry it is very important to be fully up to date on recent and future developments. Whether it is quota prices, land prices, market cycles or input cost, the farm realtors of Royal LePage Riverbend Realty can help giving you the most up to date information.
  • Full time available. An important member of our team is our full-time office assistant who can transfer your phone calls any time to any of our realtors. During periods of absence we will transfer your file to one of our co-workers who will look after your needs. With a large team we can make sure that your business is looked after continually without interruption.
  • Diverse backgrounds. Our team members are born and raised in different parts of the Prairies or even in different countries. We speak several languages and all REALTORS have a lot of contacts based on these different backgrounds. We also have different farming backgrounds giving each of us specific knowledge of the various sub segments of the Ag industry. Whether it is hog, dairy, grain or potato farming, one of us has been born, raised and worked on them or might even be involved in it today till a certain degree.
  • Experience. This is really key to any real estate transaction. True knowledge of buying and selling only comes through years of experience. Our team combined has a total of 40 years of real estate experience. Not convinced yet? Take a look in our ‘sold’ database and see some of the properties we have successfully marketed in the last number of years.
  • International presence. Royal LePage Riverbend Realty recognized a long time ago that the marketplace was shifting with international buyers and sellers coming to Manitoba and Saskatchewan for their real estate needs. You should ask any realtor offering to sell your farm property on their internet strategy. These days, just having a website is not enough. A comprehensive marketing plan including web based advertising and marketing as well as being in contact with international immigration organizations is a minimum requirement in farm real estate. Ask us how we plan to market your farm and compare us to any other Real Estate company offering the ‘same’ services.

Our team effort will be completely focussed on obtaining the best results for you and your farm business. That’s our guarantee. That’s what we call ‘the Royal LePage Riverbend Realty farm  advantage’.